Tone of Voice

It is more difficult than ever to build a strong brand personality: Aligned brands use the opportunity to differentiate themselves, to develop a memorable brand story, to secure preference in the minds of customers and finally to increase pricing power.

The race for visibility is governed by a Darwinism applied to companies: Not the biggest, but the fastest, the ones that stand out will survive and go their way.

Strong brand personality  clearly provides a competitive advantage by 

  • ensuring consistent brand experience in the omni-channel context
  • differentiating  a brand  in overcrowded media environment
  • creating  a emotional bond beyond product & service

Just like people whose attractive attributes make them interesting or pleasant, brands interact with other brands or target groups on a personal level: they have Facebook pages, they endorse Instagram messages, they twitter, etc.

Any idea which archetype your brand should rely on, to express itself?
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Integrated into the archetypal framework of the brand, the exercise of the brand personality can be divided into 3 steps

  • archetype - what the brand says, endorses
    describing the brand's role on the marketplace
    connecting with target audiences
    driving differentiation
  • Personality traits - how the brand speaks, handles
    identifying the ones that capture who the brand is or should be
    shortlisting the ones that better resonate with the brand's reason for being
    selecting  the ones that are most distinguished from peers
  • brand story - why the brand exists
    believes and ambition
    attributes and benefits
    our impact on people' live -be it consumers, customers

Using a series of standardized items, the process of establishing the brand's archetypal personality enables marketers to interact with target audiences in a very unique and authentic way.

Think of the current and former President of the United States and you will get a good idea of the tone of voice: no value judgment here, just a simple way to clarify the tone of voice in relation to the brand story
In fact, both presidents embody the same foreign policy (the history of the brand), but with a very different style of expression: 140 words on the tweeter against a long speech...


Nothing is left to chance, it is a deliberate way of communicating with those who are considered part of the core group of the target audience: bias play an important role, e.g. making  difficult and complex issues easy to understand, encouraging others to take action, using colourful or conceptual language, communicating one's own values on the so-called "universal and timeless" principles or to be deliberately disruptive, to use rhetorical skills and to use them to give the story a special twist, punchy lines  or eloquent statements

It is useful to use profiling tools to capture the exact tone, depending on the context

  • the required level of language
    formal vs. casual
    serious vs. humorous
    rational vs. emotional
    direct vs. imaginative
    reserved vs. outgoing
    agreeable vs. authoritative
    calm vs. excited
  • the linguistic level
    sentence structure , ellipses, dashes
    framing bias
    words used , words abbreviation, acronyms
  • the personal style
    action-oriented  vs. long-winded
    aspirational  & descriptive  vs. abstract and theoretic
    how long-winded 
    exclamatory vs. understatement

tone words

Once you have completed this type of exercise, you can move on and focus on telling a story with a clear understanding of 

  1. the brand topics
  2. the brand protagonists
  3. the brand channels
  4. the brand formats

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