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the greatest challenge within the dip of competing voices in the omni-channel universe is about

  • aligning brands to deliver better customer experiences and higher customer commitment
  • turning prospects into active buyers and clients into brand ambassadors.
  • ensuring that the business can be run more efficiently and grow effectively in all marketing, sales & communication functions 
pyramid of success to visualize the holistic approach to shape  superior acquisition strategy embedded in archetypal branding

the user-centred approach is instrumental to

  • design an intimate relationship between brands and consumers in the digital age
  • create the virtuous circle that will unleash the company's performance for the future.



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the worst thing today is when "digital assets" degenerate into dead ends and companies fail to convert the contacts generated into orders across channels.

CHANGE THE PARADIGM from 4Ps marketing to 4Cs marketing

becoming digital is not a goal, but a stage. There must be a paradigm shift from classic 4P marketing to inbound marketing with its

4 C's
C for credibility 
C for content
C for connectivity 
C for conversion

As a result

  • the customer moves to the centre of attention
  • the individual points of contact (off- & online
    touch-points) are strategically re-purposed
  • the redesigned user experience  unleashes the acquisition potential.